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Residential and Commercial:

Forensic Diminution (Loss) in Market Value Appraisal
Forensic Repair/Remediation Cost Estimation
Current & Retrospective Forensic Valuation
Forensic Market Value Appraisal
Forensic Appraisal Peer Review

Nelson Boswell Jr, JD, SRA, CGC
FL Licensed RE Broker 437493 FL
FL Certified General Contractor
FL Cert Res Appraiser RD403

39 Years Experience in Real Estate Appraisal, New Home Construction and Sales
Articulate Written & Oral Skill Explaining Deep Issues to the Fact Finder

Expert in Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) Compliance

  Expert in Appraisal Compliance issues per FIRREA and the Dodd - Frank Act

Expert Forensics involving construction defects, title defects, encroachment, catastrophic events, adverse conditions, professional liability, seller nondisclosure issues, partition, bankruptcy, regulatory takings

Professional Cost Reproduction, Remediation, Repair, Remodel, Reconstruction, Etc., Cost Estimation in Construction and Construction Defect Cases and Insurance Neutral Evaluation and Appraisal Clause Cases

 Appraiser or General Contractor Malpractice; Insurance Claim Repair Cost Issues; Complex High Dollar Value Residential Appraisal & Cost Estimation; Complex Commercial Cost & Repair Estimation, and Tax Appeal Issues

Especially where value diminution and/or construction issues are central to the issue

Qualified in Florida State Courts & Middle District of Florida Federal Court

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida
Experienced from the North to the South End of Florida
Real Estate Appraisals and Construction Cost Estimation
Where real estate value and/or loss in value is central to the cause of action

Highly Experienced & Recommended

Expert Witness Qualified Florida State Court & U.S. District Court for the Middle District Florida
Expert Forensic Examination & Analysis Residential Appraisal & Commercial Construction Cost Estimation

No Obligation Pre-Consultation Phone Call

I will consult with you prior to you hiring me.  As an independent, forensic expert I want to make sure I am the expert most relevant to your case.  If you are seeking quotes from numerous experts, I will consult with you on how to find the most relevant qualified expert for the right price

Services also include

Litigation Support, Trial Preparation, Deposition Preparation, Trial Strategy, Direct & Cross-Examination Consultation, and more

(813) 215-7384 

Whether by way of a written report or oral testimony, Mr. Boswell provides articulate easy to understand expert explanation and experience in Cost Estimating, and Real Estate Appraisals. 

Always a non-advocating third party expert witness, however, always gives the client more service than they expect.

Nelson Boswell, Jr., JD, SRA, Cert Res 403, Certified General Gen. Contractor has over thirty-five years experience in real estate appraisal, residential home construction, and real estate sales in the state of Florida. He can offer unique perspectives on appraisal assignments and problems where most appraisers cannot as well as offering unique perspectives on cost estimates, where many estimators and contractors cannot.  He recently earned a law degree graduating cum laude in late 2019.  He is studying for the Florida Bar Exam.

Licenses Designations & Memberships:


  • Member Appraisal Institute - SRA designation,
  • State Certified Class General Contractor in the state of Florida #CGC 151838
  • State Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser in the State of Florida #RD 0000403
  • Real Estate Brokers Lic. in the State of Florida #BK 437493.
  • Member Hillsborough County Bar Association,
  • Qualified Expert Witness US District Courts Northern and Middle District of Florida
  • Qualified Expert Witness in Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco County, Florida
  • Qualified Expert Witness in the Middle District of Florida Bankruptcy Court
  • Member National Association of Realtors,
  • Member Florida Association of Realtors,
  • Member of the Greater Tampa Association of Realtors,
  • Nelson Boswell, Jr., has a Bachelors degree in Business Finance with a concentration in real estate finance from the University of South Florida and a Juris Doctor from WMU - Thomas M. Cooley Law School
  • References are also wide and varied.

Attorney Clients and their clients have used his expert witness and consultation services on cases involving value diminution and/or construction cost estimation to real property due to construction defects, adverse conditions (internal and external to the property like site subsidence to the former and nuisance claims to the latter) and first party insurance claims; and expert witness or consultation services where the legal questions pertain to governmental compliance and regulatory issues surrounding residential real estate appraisal and/or construction, residential real estate tax issues, and issues in real estate finance (primarily residential income producing property), financial institutions, including USPAP Appraisal Regulations per FIRREA Title XI & Dodd-Frank Title XIV Appraisal Independence and appraiser malpractice stemming from the two.  The current climate in litigation where the diminution in value and/or remediation cost makes up the part or all of the prayed for damages makes retrospective valuations in the past much more prevalent.  It takes a very experienced expert to handle these one of a kind assignments, especially where the date of value is way back in time, i.e. the distant past.  Each assignment is unique and complex in their own right due to the amount of time that has passed, regardless of the complexity of the property type.  In many cases, our independent, supportable analysis has allowed clients to settle cases without going to court.

Attorneys especially appreciate working with an expert who can provide clear, enlightening testimony that is technically accurate and scientifically supportable.  

 (813) 215-7384 


    Appraiser Malpractice
    Diminution in Value Appraisals   
    Valuation of "Stigmatized" Properties
    Valuation as of a past date (Retrospective)
    Appraisal Review - USPAP / Dodd-Frank Compliance 
    Remediation Cost Estimation in Construction Defects 
    Remediation Cost Estimation in First Party Homeowners Insurance Claims  
    Cost Estimation from Plans, Specifications, and Blueprints
    New Construction Progress Inspection
    New Construction Draw Inspection
    Commercial Real Estate Cost Estimation 
    Cost Approach - Cost New less Accrued Depreciation plus Land Value Estimation   
    Cost Estimation of Sinkhole Remediation
    Accrued Depreciation Analysis
    Actual Cash Value Analysis (ACV) pertaining to Insurance Claims 
    Deficiency Judgments
    Federal Bankruptcy Court
    Complex Hypothetical Condition
    Complex Extraordinary Assumption
    Complex Residential Valuation and Cost Estimation 
    Appraisal Review - USPAP Compliance
    Professional Liability Cases 
    Cost Analysis of Unique and One of a Kind property
    Trial Preparation & Consultation Assignments 
    Seminars & Presentations for Attorneys on Dodd-Frank & Appraisal Law 
Seminars & Presentations for Real Estate Professionals on Valuation Topics

Examples of Courses and Continuing Education Completed (these are just a small sample).      


        In Addition to a Full Law School Course Curriculum
ppraising the Appraisal 
        Wind Mitigation Methodology Retrofits
        Advanced Wall Framing
        Florida Laws and Rules 61G4 FAC
        Fair Housing: An In Depth Study of
        Advanced Building Code 5th Edition
        Advanced Building Code 6th Edition (2017)
        Evaluation: Today's Residential Appraisal
        That's a Violation: Appraisal Standards
        Limited Scope Appraisal
        Documenting the Appraiser's Workfile
        Supporting Your Adjustments - Techniques
        National USPAP Update (2018 - 2019)
        Florida Appraisal Laws and Regulations
        Millennials Are Changing Real Estate
        The New FHA Handbook for Real Estate
         Litigation Appraising
         Residential Applications             
         USPAP Update Every Two Years 
         Xactimate Cost Estimation        
Defining the Hidden Cost When Estimating & Bidding
Reading Commercial Blue Prints
Florida Appraisal Law update
Appraisal Institute Business Practices and Ethics 
         Cam-Tech Construction Law and Technical Applications
Property Tax Assessment 
Litigation Appraisal Specialized Topics and Applications    
Relocation Appraisal 
Private Appraisal Assignments
Mortgage Fraud – Protect Yourself        
Lockout Tagout 
Lead in Construction 
Energy Efficient Roofs 
Daylighting for Energy Efficiency 
Building for Energy Efficiency 
Advanced Florida Code Permits and Applications 
Active Solar Energy Systems 
Appraising the Odd Ball 
Appraising FHA Today 
Solving Tough Appraisal Problems 
Residential Marshall Swift 
         Elements of Heating and Air Conditioning
         Annual Construction Case Law Update
         State Court Trail Components
         Active Solar Energy Systems 
         ADA Guide for Small Towns
         Advanced Florida Building Code Permits 
         Building for Energy Efficiency
         The Energy Star Qualified New Home
         Florida Construction Laws and Rules - Chapter 489 
         Mold Remediation in Schools and Public Buildings 
         The Building Envelope 
         Wind Mitigation Methodology - Retrofitting Existing Homes 
         Workers Compensation - Understanding Chapter 440


    Appraisal Institute – 
    Hillsborough County Bar Association - 
    Greater Tampa Association of Realtors –   

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Nelson Boswell, Jr., JD, SRA, CGC, Lic. R.E. Broker is an experienced speaker.  He has done seminars and presentations for title companies, real estate brokerages, local bar associations in Florida, and Professional Organizations on a wide variety of subjects pertaining to state and federal residential appraisal regulation and compliance as well as professional standards of care in residential real estate appraisal, brokerage and construction.  Mr. Boswell has in the past trained many real estate appraisers as a regional Vice President for a large statewide appraisal firm.

Mr. Boswell's experience and proven track record enables him to take on any type of residential appraisal, appraisal peer review or construction cost or remediation estimation assignment (residential and commercial), professional standards of care.  His disinterested third-party appraisal reports and testimony stand up under the most severe scrutiny.  

Mr. Boswell has an excellent command of real estate, appraisal and construction terminology, as well as poise and preparation in the techniques of expert witness testimony so that the trier of fact grasps the material issues at hand.  

Cell Phone: (813) 215-7384