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You will see on the horizontal bar the general services of NELSON BOSWELL, LLC.  They are General Contracting / Homebuilding, Real Estate Appraisal and Real Estate Brokerage.  Each button explains these services in greater detail.

The vertical bar on the left is concerning expert witness services by the consultant, Nelson Boswell, SRA, GC.

The expert witness services provided are in the arena of real estate appraisal, and construction issues. 

Mr.Boswell is very experienced in providing independent expert testimony in deposition and court.  He has many references and testimonials from satisfied attorney clientele.

We have broad experience across a wide swath of residential real estate that includes but is not limited to the above disciplines.  This is a value added service that offers unique perspective to the client and trier of fact (Judge or Jury). 

Go to the vertical bar at the left and click on Expert Witness