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Over the past thirty-five years Nelson Boswell, Jr., JD, SRA, Certified General Contractor, Cert Res 403, Lic. R.E. Broker has personally appraised property property of all types, single and multifamily up to many millions in value (for a single property).  He has also performed commercial real estate appraisals assisting MAI appraisers and commercial appraisal firms on property types such as convenient stores, warehouses, retail space, apartment buildings, self-storage, and vacant land.

All of these types of properties were appraised as existing structures, or from plans and specifications.

Most of these appraisals have been performed in west Florida, from as far south as Naples on the mainland to and the Keys farther south to as far north as Panama City, centering around the Tampa Bay area.  However over the past 30 years appraisals have been performed throughout Florida from the interior portions of the state to up and down the east coast of Florida.

From an appraisal standpoint, we specialize in litigation appraisals of every type.  These primarily involve cases where a party has been damaged, or claims to have been damaged, in the form of a loss in market value to their property due to impairment or adversity external to the property, internal to the property, or both.  There are many different causes that can result in a loss in market value to a property.  Some of these cases may involve construction issues, requiring deep analysis into the cause of the construction issue and the cost to repair or remediate the cause.  

We also do complex retrospective valuations and loss in value analysis, often occurring in the distant past.  The time period contemporary to the boom and bust between 2005 and 2010, with its wildly fluctuating market conditions are a prime example.  Competently performing these types of appraisal analysis requires additional training, education, expertise, and experience.  These types of cases may also involve an analysis of the standard of care in light of USPAP (Uniform Standards of Appraisal Practice).  Litigation often requires retrospective appraisal analysis due to the passage of time between the cause of the damages to plaintiff's property, and plaintiff hiring legal counsel.  

With the enactment of the Dodd-Frank Act, there have been many regulatory changes to the banking industry and Appraisal Industry.  Attorneys practicing in these areas involving banking, mortgage and appraisal regulation and law appreciate the knowledge of depth Mr. Boswell has on the subject.

Please call us immediately for a free consultation if you have any questions concerning a real estate appraisal for litigation purposes.  There is no obligation whatsoever.